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Re: Guix/GNU/Linux multi distro + GuixSD multi-site scenario

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Guix/GNU/Linux multi distro + GuixSD multi-site scenario
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 23:05:16 +0300
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Chris Marusich (2016-03-28 17:32 +0300) wrote:

> Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi, I also use double boot (GuixSD and ArchLinux).  I do it like this:
>> at first I never let GuixSD to reinstall grub by using --no-grub option
>> ("guix system reconfigure --no-grub ...").  Instead I installed grub
>> manually (into a separate "boot" partition) and I use my own "grub.cfg",
>> which has an entry for the latest GuixSD system.  This entry may look
>> like this:
>> menuentry 'GuixSD' {
>>     search --no-floppy --label --set guix
>>     linux  /var/guix/profiles/system/kernel/bzImage --root=guix 
>> --system=/var/guix/profiles/system --load=/var/guix/profiles/system/boot
>>     initrd /var/guix/profiles/system/initrd
>> }
>> My grub config¹ also has entries for a previous system generation (I can
>> boot any generation by editing a number in a grub boot menu) and for a
>> particular system (sometimes I do "guix system build …" and put the
>> result directory of this "testing" system to my grub.cfg).
>> ¹
> If you take the path from guix system build and manually insert it into
> your grub.cfg file, do you have any guarantee that the next guix gc
> won't remove your system files?

That's why if I really need a system, I do a reconfiguring.  I use "guix
system build" just to test a system.  If it's OK, I reconfigure the
system, otherwise I don't need it and I want it to be gc-ed.  Besides, I
do "guix gc" very rarely (once in several months), and before it, I
carefully check what profiles/system generations I want to keep and what
can be removed.


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