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Creating new package for Guix - newbie's question

From: Rodion Goritskov
Subject: Creating new package for Guix - newbie's question
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 23:08:10 +0300
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Hello everybody!

I am GuixSD and Guix newcomer. Installation succeeded, but suddenly I found that one of my favorite packages - compton[1], is missing in repos.

OK, that is not really a problem - I tried to create this package myself. So, I copied template "hello.scm" from documentation, modified it according to compton's build process.

Question is - how I can test created package build process?

I tried executing guix package -f <my package file>. It doesn't output any errors, but package is not installed or built.

What is the process of testing created package file?

Thank you in advance.

Proud Guix user,
Rodion Goritskov

P.S. Guix and GuixSD are great pieces of software!

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