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'guix system vm' questions

From: myglc2
Subject: 'guix system vm' questions
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 02:57:06 -0400
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I have a headless server running Guix/Debian 8.3 on which I would like
to run some guix vms. So far, I have a script (see, attached)
that runs a single vm. It has some issues:

1) lsh-service hangs waiting for keystrokes on the QEMU console

2) passwords need to be set in the QEMU console

3) on the vm, 'guix package -i' throws an error, e.g.,

   (on the console)
   v1 login: u1
   password: <password>
   $ guix package -i
   accepted connection from pid 390, user u1
   guix package: error: build failed: changing ownership of '/path/store': 
Read-only file system

4) I can't log in to the vm like I expected, e.g. 'ssh address@hidden'
   times out

5) I would like to have the user 'u1' share read/write access to the
   $HOME directory and be able to use $HOME/.ssh credentials

Your suggestions &/or sample configurations would be most welcome.

TIA - George

PS I am running this guix git checkout ...
   * master                                  d6e374a gnu: mafft: Update to 

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