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Re: AUR for GuixSD (was: GuixSD on arm (ng0))

From: David Craven
Subject: Re: AUR for GuixSD (was: GuixSD on arm (ng0))
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2016 12:41:25 +0200

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the info. I do maintain my private packages using

So how rigid are you on the gnu system thing? Was jookia right that
you won't accept patches that will make guixsd a gnu system or
something else? ;-) I did some work on using musl as a libc on nixos
for embedded systems, I came here because I thought it was more
hackable. I guess if you're not interested in uboot, this is a non

> This also means that we do not welcome recommendations to use non-free
software on the mailing lists or the #guix IRC channel.

Does this mean you prefer people not to use the "gnu system" then to
use it with non-free firmware? I prefer free firmware to non-free
firmware too, but one has the hardware that one has. I think I saw a
webgui to guix somewhere, that means that at least some people have
the ambition of getting non developers as users at some point right? I
think telling non developers to go buy this wifi card if you want to
use the gnu system or else we won't help you is kind of not very

But anyway these are just my opinions and I didn't really want to
start a discussion on a non technical topic though. Don't really know
why I replied in the first place, guess I was a little shocked by
Jookias email.

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