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Re: gccgo package does not include gccgo binary

From: Alex Vong
Subject: Re: gccgo package does not include gccgo binary
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 23:29:20 +0800
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Hello Mathew,

Thank your help, but I still cannot build hello-world...

Matthew Jordan <address@hidden> writes:

> Good Day Alex and everyone,
>> It seems the gccgo package does not come with the gccgo binary. Is there
>> something I am missing here? I am installing the output 'out'.
> For gccgo-4.x and older releases there is no "go command".  Gccgo 4.x
> and older are library implementations of the various versions of the
> "The Go Programming Language Specification".
> However as of gccgo 5.x this has changed. For gccgo 5.x the "gccgo"
> command serves as a CLI interface to the library.
> I hope this clarifies things, also see the links below for more
> information.
> References:
> Setting up and using gccgo - The Go Programming Language
This page suggests me to use gccgo command, which doesn't work.
  $ gccgo -c hello.go
  ==> bash: gccgo: command not found

> Gccgo in GCC 4.7.1 - The Go Blog
This page suggests a new command:
  $ go build -compiler gccgo myprog
  ==> go build command-line-arguments: gccgo: exec: "gccgo": executable file 
not found in $PATH

> The Go Programming Language Specification - The Go Programming Language
> Sincerely,
> ----
> Matthew Jordan

Also, in this page,,
it said, 'The gccgo command is a frontend to gcc and supports many of
the same options'. Does this mean there is some kind of gccgo command
even for gcc 4.7? Am I missing something here?


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