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Re: Geiser documentation buffers

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Geiser documentation buffers
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2016 23:05:58 +0300
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Catonano (2016-07-17 14:15 +0300) wrote:

> Ludovic,
> thank you. I have been replied to on the Geiser mailing list. My
> posts were received, after all
> I was suggested to try the melpa provided Geiser and that works.
> Now, the version of the melpa provided Geiser is 20160617.954 and the
> version of the Guix provided Geiser is 0.8.1 and I'm not sure how
> they can be compared

MELPA always contains the latest master, so it's much newer than 0.8.1.

> The Geiser repository is unreachable now ( https://
> )

I wasn't aware about this repo, but the development happens on github.

> There's a github copy here
> but I'm not sure about the branches I saw there

If you want to use a git checkout, use 'master' branch.

> I'd wait for Alex to clarify things a bit
> In the meantime, can I try geiser-next ? Or is it gonna break things
> irreparably ?

Absolutely not!  You can try it.  Actually the mentioned bug was one of
the main reason that Christopher added 'geiser-next' package.  I didn't
try it but it should work.  This is a simple checkout of a Geiser
commit, so it is as stable as MELPA.  'geiser-next' is more "fresh" than
0.8.1 but less fresh than MELPA (16 commits were made to Geiser since
'geiser-next' was added).


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