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How do I control which guix 'system vm-image' puts into the image?

From: myglc2
Subject: How do I control which guix 'system vm-image' puts into the image?
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 15:45:50 -0400
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Running GuixSD I am using git checkout 'b006ba5 [behind 15] pull: Update
the version string.' with ‘/home/g1/.config/guix/latest’ ->

When I do 'guix system vm-image'; run the image; and do 'M-x
guix-installed-system-packages' I see a bunch of packages with a "-"
showing in the Synopsis column and "(This package is obsolete)" shows
in the "Outputs" field.

In an earlier exchange, Alex explained that this means that the version
of the package found in the store _does not match_ the package version
specified by the version of guix in use by emacs. I hope I got that
right :-0

'guix system reconfigure system.scm' seems to be using my git checkout
just fine because with ...

(with-eval-after-load 'geiser-guile
  (add-to-list 'geiser-guile-load-path "~/src/guix"))

... in my emacs init file, I don't see any "obsolete" packages when I do
'M-x guix-installed-system-packages'.

So... I developed the theory that 'guix system vm-image' was using a
obsolete version of guix from the store instead of the version in my my
git checkout (confused yet?).

So I add guix to 'system.scm' to put it in the store in hopes that 'guix
system vm_image' would pick it up from there. I still have "obsolete"
packages showing in my vm-image.

So... heeeeeere is the question:

How do I control which version of guix is built into an image?

TIA - George

Attached: script (img) used to make and run the vm-image and referenced configs.

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