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Re: json module

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: json module
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 10:17:20 +0300
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Catonano (2016-07-27 00:35 +0300) wrote:

> I'm trying this Guix project
> because I wanted to try Jelle's recursive npm importer
> but when I
> ./pre-inst-env guix import npm ciccio
> I get a backtrace and an error:
> ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
> ERROR: no code for module (json)
> (I can provide the whole backtrace if requested)
> This doesn't happen with the Guix I cloned from the official repo
> In the chat I was advised that (json) is an external module, to
> inspect the GUIX_LOAD_PATH and GUIX_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH variables

When you left, jlicht wrote you something:

Did you install guile-json and check that guile can find it?  Start
guile and run ",use(json)" there.


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