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Re: Size of bare-bones guixsd

From: Vincent Legoll
Subject: Re: Size of bare-bones guixsd
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2016 19:05:57 +0200

>> I'm wondering if there's interest in reducing the bare-bones system
>> footprint, there are some X / GUI stuff in there that may / could /
>> should be trimmed IMHO...
> Like what?

I know these probably come from indirect dependencies of other tools,
for advanced features... (please remember that I come with a long
background of gentoo negated use flags)

libXpm, cairo, libxcb, randrproto, glibmm, randrproto, mkfontscale,
inputproto, imagemagick, xtrans, gtk+, compositeproto, cups*, inkscape,
xextproto, freetype, libXrender, gdk-pixbuf, libxcb, libXdmcp, libXaw,
xcb-proto, pixman, netpbm, libvorbis, libcddb, openjpeg, atkmm, libxmu,
libx11, etc...

And I may have missed some...

Some come probably as "guix graph" deps...

I was thinking of bare-bone just as what that name implies, just what is
needed for booting, guix dependencies, and nothing more...

As if I was designing an embedded system with no place in the flash
for anything superfluous, maybe that was a bad assumption...

>> And what would be the way to do this ?
> I would take a look at gnu/system.scm which, if I understand correctly,
> implements the core of GuixSD.
> Variables like %base-packages and %base-firmware might be interesting to
> look at.

I'll first try to remove some from the %base-packages list and see what is

> By the way, people usually ask about *adding* things to the bare-bones
> example :)

Maybe make a real bare-bones, and then based upon this one, a more "usable"
CLI-system, with more stuff added.

Vincent Legoll

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