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icedtea update graft failure

From: Ethan Stefan Day
Subject: icedtea update graft failure
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 00:53:50 -0400
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I just tried to upgrade my GuixSD x86_64 system and it failed saying:

grafting '/gnu/store/z7qr06vxqkqr983sarh50d4p8m45b51z-icedtea-3.1.0-doc'
-> '/gnu/store/0minmdl1fgh96xakpgp73mwh4qcjvvs4-icedtea-3.1.0-doc'...
grafting '/gnu/store/3ldp9zinsnzr9jmacrjk1j4y39cydrpf-icedtea-3.1.0-jdk'
-> '/gnu/store/gfj39lzp301pf2ny51c5lz48mykaf07r-icedtea-3.1.0-jdk'...
grafting '/gnu/store/c23hqrmzsd4k9a13nyrmvmimqf5pfjbn-icedtea-3.1.0' ->
suspicious ownership or permission on
rejecting this build output
cannot build derivation
`/gnu/store/m2p785lr8m6j4qzkrly05w1nxxiavkjx-profile.drv': 1
dependencies couldn't be built

I updated icedtea successfully using the --no-grafts option.  Is this
the sort of thing I should bring up or just ignore?

Also, is a default of requiring root permission to write a file to a
thumb drive a feature or a bug?

-Ethan Day

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