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Re: transmission-remote-cli not symlinked in ~/.guix-profile/bin/

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: transmission-remote-cli not symlinked in ~/.guix-profile/bin/
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 21:51:48 +0300
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Arun Isaac (2016-08-22 11:59 +0300) wrote:

> I installed the package `transmission-remote-cli` in my profile with
> `guix package -i transmission-remote-cli`. But, the executable
> `transmission-remote-cli` is not symlinked into
> ~/.guix-profile/bin/.

Are you sure you did "guix package -i transmission-remote-cli" as user?
I've just tried and got "~/.guix-profile/bin/transmission-remote-cli"
(it is a symlink to a wrapper but it doesn't matter), so most likely you
did something wrong.

> I have noticed similar problems in some other packages as well. How does
> guix decide which executables to symlink into bin?

If you run "guix build transmission-remote-cli", you'll see:


Now if you look at this directory, you'll see "bin" directory there.

All files placed in such "bin" directories appears in
"~/.guix-profile/bin" when you install packages.  The same for other
directories and files: symlinks to all of them are created for inside
profile after a package is installed.


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