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Re: guix pull avoidance

From: Vincent Legoll
Subject: Re: guix pull avoidance
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 10:57:13 +0200


> How's the following totally untested, probably buggy patch ?

After painful testing (I have to remove the .config/guix/latest symlink
each time, make it point back to ~/guix_git with my modifications, and
it recompiles a whole bunch of scm files...)

Any idea how to improve that ?

> it's in RFC, to show the intended effects...

I fixed a few silly mistakes...

> What's inside:
> - create a symlink /gnu/store/latest pointing to the last installed
> /gnu/store/*-guix-latest

This is failing with :

guix pull: error: symlink: Read-only file system: "/gnu/store/"

Despite my tries to replicate the (run-with-store (mlet* %store-monad ...))
thing, which AFAIU*, should make writing to the store doable...

What am I missing ?

* I don't think I fully understand that, as the "->" in the mlet* for
instance, I
couldn't find explanations in guile's refman nor guix's...

Please help

Vincent Legoll

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