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Re: Microkernel & guix

From: David Craven
Subject: Re: Microkernel & guix
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2016 21:06:28 +0100

So after doing some hardcore reading of most of the genode operating
system manual today (excluding the build system, under the hood and
functional specification parts) I think I have a better understanding
of how guix and genode could complement each other and what steps
could be taken. Here are my initial thoughts:

1. genode-build-system would be used for building genode components.
2. genode-operating-system would specify the configuration of genode
components and generate their xml configuration and guix system vm
would assemble a full bootable genode system.
3. guix-daemon component based on the nix-daemon component is needed.
4. using this new component support for generations and genode system
reconfiguration can be added
5. a shepherd component is created and the genode-operating-system is
extended to take one or more operating-system declarations to spawn
guix userspaces. For a genode-operating-system implementing a headless
hypervisor each application can run in it's own shepherd component,
maybe requiring an additional shepherd-multiplexer component. If
building a desktop os it can be run in a single shepherd component
with exclusive access to the framebuffer and input components.

I'll have to see if my time, skill and discipline is enough to
materialize into something useful :)

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