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Skipping tests during install/build

From: Mike Gerwitz
Subject: Skipping tests during install/build
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2017 13:48:41 -0500
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Hello, everyone:

Is there a way (without screwing anything up) to skip tests during a
build?  I understand that this is generally unwise---I don't want to
debate those merits.

My immediate problem is that I'm on a dinky little ARM C201 Chromebook
and any sort of building is quite time-consuming, and often
prohibitively so: I can deal with the compilation times, but the tests
are simply too much; I don't have time to wait potentially hours for
software to build if they aren't available from hydra.  GnuTLS is one
particularly intense dependency test-wise, for example.  And then if a
test fails for whatever reason, I'm completely out of luck.  I'd rather
install and then run tests later at my leisure, accepting the risks.

But I don't know if any test output is taken into account in any Guix

There are a few situations where I've had no choice but to fall back to
installing the respective Debian package(s).  But I've been very
impressed with how many ARM packages _are_ available from hydra---many
more than I had expected!

Anyway: any suggestions? :/

Mike Gerwitz
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