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Re: guix-daemon might be unmounting filesystems

From: Myles English
Subject: Re: guix-daemon might be unmounting filesystems
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 21:52:09 +0000
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on [2017-02-15] at 11:17 Alex Kost writes:

> Myles English (2017-02-14 10:49 +0000) wrote:
>> About one time out of ten when I use a guix command my filesystems,
>> including /home, become unmounted and I have to manually remount them.
> Hm, maybe you added your user to 'guixbuild' group? (check /etc/group)
> If so, you shouldn't (!); this group is only for "build users"
> (guixbuilder01, etc.).

Thanks for the idea, I checked but the groups are okay.  I'd really like
a new hard drive so I am hoping that is the problem.


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