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Re: Package Installation Queries

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Package Installation Queries
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2017 23:16:48 +0300
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Niall Dooley (2017-02-18 17:22 +0100) wrote:

> On 10 February 2017 at 09:55, Alex Kost <address@hidden> wrote:
>> BTW Symbola package can't be a part of Guix due to a really stupid
>> license problem.  If you are interested, I have a Guix package for this
>> font here:
> That would be great, can you explain how I can make use of your package?

Along with the default Guix packages, you can use your own packages.
Basically, you can do it like this: at first, make some
"/path/to/my-guix-packages.scm" file with your packages, then add
"/path/to" directory to GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable.  Then
"guix" commands should find your packages automatically.

Also look at the manual:


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