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Re: Link to ~/.guix-profile/lib/*.so

From: Huang\, Ying
Subject: Re: Link to ~/.guix-profile/lib/*.so
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2017 16:10:53 +0800
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"Huang, Ying" <address@hidden> writes:

> I tried to build Linux kernel by hand with Guix.  But run `make
> menuconfig` failed.  I checked the menuconfig program, found some
> library couldn't be found.
> $ ldd scripts/kconfig/mconf
> (0x00007ffe87fe8000)
> => not found
> => 
> /gnu/store/vfvd0r69nv3221p907nb7cgk7inzmf9q-gcc-6.3.0-lib/lib/ 
> (0x00007fd7fd492000)
> => 
> /gnu/store/iwgi9001dmmihrjg4rqhd6pa6788prjw-glibc-2.24/lib/ 
> (0x00007fd7fd0f3000)
> /gnu/store/iwgi9001dmmihrjg4rqhd6pa6788prjw-glibc-2.24/lib/
>  (0x00007fd7fd6a9000)
> $ ls ~/.guix-profile/lib/
> /home/<user>/.guix-profile/lib/
> Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib could solve this, but it is
> said that is not a good solution.  So I think we need a solution to make
> $HOME/.guix-profile/lib the fallback to search dynamic linked library.

I can fix this via adding -Wl,-rpath=xxx into gcc command line when
compiling scripts/kconfig/mconf.  Is there any better solution?

A more general use case, say I want to develop a GTK application, so I
use pkg-config to get the compiler options.  But it appears that this
doesn't work on Guix because the RUN_PATH doesn't set in the built
binaries.  How to do that in Guix?

Best Regards,
Huang, Ying

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