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Re: a perl package

From: Catonano
Subject: Re: a perl package
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 12:28:33 +0100

2017-03-17 2:08 GMT+01:00 Eric Bavier <address@hidden>:
On Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:42:38 +0100
Catonano <address@hidden> wrote:

> I'd like to try to package this thing
> but

Short answer: The cpan importer is currently not equipped to handle
script-packages like this one.

Oh ok. Good to know. Thanks

> $ guix import cpan xls2csv
> guix import: error: failed to download meta-data for package 'xls2csv'

This is because "xls2csv" has no metadata on
> Efraim suggested me caps and colons, like the example in the manual
> guix import cpan Acme::Boolean
> But Acme-Boolean is a package.
> There's a folder named Acme containing a file with a namespace declaration
> in it
> My thing is not a package, it's a script, it has no namespace declaration,
> it's not in a folder

Is this common on CPAN?  Do you think it would be useful to improve the
cpan importer to handle such things?

II don't know whether it's common or not. I don't know the first thing about Perl

I was only evaluating a way to access some data stored in xsl files

> How do I correctly call the importer on this ?

It can't work, yet.  You'll need to declare the package manually.

Ok. Thank you, Eric

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