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From: Catonano
Subject: test-driver
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:07:45 +0200

In trying to build libxls tests fail because a test-driver file is missing

Like this

make check-TESTS
make[2]: ingresso nella directory "/tmp/guix-build-libxsl-1.4.0.drv-0/source/libxls/test"
make[3]: ingresso nella directory "/tmp/guix-build-libxsl-1.4.0.drv-0/source/libxls/test"
/gnu/store/qkw4zrwfybxww8f56nkb6hggxambk89b-bash-4.4.0/bin/bash: ../test-driver: File o directory non esistente

I asked upstream and I was informed that there's no "test-driver" occurrence in libxls source. So they suggest it has to be something specific of my build environment

You can see the exchange we had, here

Here is my definition for libxls

Is this a Guix thing ?


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