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mumble issues with pulseaudio

From: ng0
Subject: mumble issues with pulseaudio
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 18:23:10 +0000

At least one other person and myself are experiencing a "bug" with
pulseaudio on GuixSD when it comes to using Mumble.
I assume that the other person uses Pulseaudio aswell as it was said to
be on GuixSD.
The bug is, you have to close every possible open application which
could make use of sound input/output (webbrowser, IM, etc) then shake
the random dice pair and hope that Mumble detected your sound devices.
If it didn't, you have to wait some seconds and restart Mumble and
repeat it until your sound devices appear to be working.
This is annoying and can leave you with the impression that it doesn't
work - but it does work.

A) What is the cause of this problem


B) How do we fix it or point it out?

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