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Re: Webservices and Shepherd

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Webservices and Shepherd
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2017 18:56:09 +0300
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Thomas Sigurdsen (2017-04-02 11:44 +0200) wrote:

> Hi Guix!


> And when it comes to shepherd: I've seen a few configs where shepherd is
> running as a user in addition to root. It looks like this is a good way to
> separate webservices and similar, maybe even giving them separate users. But
> does it mean shepherd is running multiple instances, increasing overhead and
> difficulty of management (as in how do I know which shepherd I'm talking to
> and so on)?

Yes, I mean "yes" to multiple instances: the root's Shepherd can't
handle user services, you need to start another (user) Shepherd for
that.  Knowing which instance you are talking to is easy:

- when you run "herd" command as root, it talks to the root's Shepherd
  (on GuixSD its socket file is "/var/run/shepherd/socket");

- when you run "herd" as user, it talks to the user running instance
  (its default socket is "~/.config/shepherd/run/socket").


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