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Re: How to use jack and qjackctl on GuixSD?

From: Mark Meyer
Subject: Re: How to use jack and qjackctl on GuixSD?
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2017 23:06:07 +0200
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Hi Drew!

>>>>> "Drew" == Drew C <address@hidden> writes:

    Drew> On most of the other distros I've tried, installing and
    Drew> running qjackctl is enough. On GuixSD it will not seem to
    Drew> work. It does seem to start it as there is a PID, but cannot
    Drew> connect to the socket, does not run in real-time, etc.

I think this did connect for me, but didn't run as realtime

    Drew> Any direction on where to go? I am a software developer as
    Drew> well and do not mind getting my hands dirty at all, so let me
    Drew> know.

qjackctl should have a log, can you post this? It should say something
about adding stuff to limits for the realtime issue and I'd be
interested in the message about the socket.

Do you run a Desktop Environment? I run with bare xmonad, which doesn't
start any sound servers, but if I log into XFCE I'll have a connection
problem. Even when you don't start any programs that use it, some applet
may start PulseAudio (for example).

Cheers, Mark
   Mark Meyer

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