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A short story about containers

From: Quiliro
Subject: A short story about containers
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 22:53:46 -0500

A short story about containers.-
Based on a story by Christoffer Allan Webber in his LibrePlanet 2016
talk with David Thompson "Solving the deployment crisis" which was
licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International
License.  (Please contribute)

Mr. Docker runs a warehouse full of fruit containers. He has customers
and they want fruit. He puts papayas into a container on one side (its
a nice blackbox) and the customers get the papayas out from the other
side. These blackbox containers work great because someone else can
deliver these fruits for him. He has thousands of these containers.

Then the foreman comes in and says: "Ah...Hey ah, boss...we've gotta
pwoblem hea. We ah...we've got these worms and fungi attacking 'em
papayas. Ah...we gotta open up all 'em containers and figure out stop
'em worms and fungi." And Mr. Docker says: "What? like...I just
like...The whole reason we got these things is that we don't have to
know what's inside of them." He calls the manufacturers of the
blackboxes. And they don't answer their phones.

Mr. Docker looks across the street. He looks out the window and there
is another warehouse over there and he sees a team of little robots.
They build containers with papayas just like Mr. Docker does, except
that they are able to holographically project the papayas so they are
not liable to the bugs. The robots have a list of instructions. And when
Mr. Docker says: "Oh no. We need to upgrade the papaya wax covering.",
with their little voice they go: "Oh...O.K. Right away, boss." And they
rebuild all the wax coverings.

So, if Mr. Docker saw that warehouse across the road and he looks back
at his warehouse, why wouldn't Mr. Docker move over to that model? It
would be crazy not to. So, this is my call against statically compiled
distributions as a solution.

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