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Re: Help getting started with first contribution

From: André
Subject: Re: Help getting started with first contribution
Date: Mon, 8 May 2017 23:32:47 -0300

On 08/05/17 17:34, Catonano wrote:
2017-05-08 5:25 GMT+02:00 André <address@hidden>:
Hi there, fellow Geeks!

I've been using Guix and GuixSD recently and I'd like to contribute!

I do know both Common Lisp and Clojure, so using Guile shouldn't be a problem.

It won't be. I also learned Clojure before Scheme
I'd like to start with small tasks, like adding a few simple packages, then move to bigger packages, then write some services, and so on.

Good plan. That's what I thought for me too.
However, I'm not familiar  at all with mailing list workflows (this is the first mailing list I actually subscribed to), so I may need some guidance with that.

Wow, you must be quite young !
Not that much, actually. I've been programming for 3-4 years, but mostly in a GitHub-centric world.

I thought about starting by creating a Guix package for git-remote-gcrypt ( The package definition should be fairly simple, since the main program is just a shell script with no compilation dependencies.

I've read the section 8.5 "Submitting Patches" of the manual, so I think I'm good to go.

Is there any specific example of a similar simple package that I should base mine on? Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

An immediate reccomendation is to use the address@hidden mailing list

That's the mailing list for patches

guix-devel is ust for discussions

You might want to use git send-mail instead o your usual email client. It's not required, but it helps you to make your submission more conformant to expected formats
Thanks for the tip.

Especially if you want to submit a patches series and not a single patch, that can be very useful.
If your first package is a siingle patch, you can just attach the patch to an email message to the guix-patches mailing list.

Pay attention to the ormat if the log message (take a look at other log messages in the git log, here iis a web version )

Configuring git send-email and possibly GNUs is a whole topic and it probably beyond my strength right now

Thanks, I'll figure out how to configure it properly.
When your message (with the attached patch) will be received, someone will review it and likely suggest modifications

You will reply with a new version (as an attached patch as usual)

When your patch will be ready, someone with committ permission will commit it for you

When your patch will be committed, you will see it in the git log as authored by you and signed by the committer who committed it or you

Hope this helps !

I'm looking forward to being part of this community.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome !
Thanks :)

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