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All source code for GuixSD system

From: Dima Ursu
Subject: All source code for GuixSD system
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 15:11:12 +0300
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I'm Dima from Technoethical, and I'm stuck at getting some source code.

We want to ship laptops preinstalled with GuixSD as well, and we want to
include the sources corresponding to all the binaries present in the
GuixSD system we ship.

The plan was this:

1. find a list of the installed software;
$ guix package --list-installed --profile=/run/current-system/profile
$ guix package --list-installed

2. download the sources;
$ guix build -S <package-name>

3. copy them in the home folder;

However, at step 1 I noticed that only the packages installed by us are
there. There is no package for linux-libre, for example.
How do I get a list of the base packages, the ones shipped with the
GuixSD installation image?

Thank you,

Free Software Activist
Engineer @ Tehnoetic

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