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GNU Hackers Meeting, August 25 , 2017 in Germany (Kassel)

From: Fox
Subject: GNU Hackers Meeting, August 25 , 2017 in Germany (Kassel)
Date: Tue, 16 May 2017 21:30:58 +0200
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dude, that ought to be one cool get-together!   around 150 € if you can.

Now’s the time to register for the GNU Hackers Meeting:

A bunch of Guix hackers (myself included) are planning to be there, so
let’s take advantage of this event to meet in person, chat about all
things Guix and GNU, and have a good time!

It would be nice if you could propose a talk about how you use
Guix{,SD}, your experience, or new use cases that you envision: Web
service deployment, porting Guix{,SD} to new architectures,
cross-compilation to {MinGW,aarch64,GNU/Hurd,PowerPC,alpha,whatnot},
supporting multiple bootloaders, GuixSD service configuration & testing,
HPC & scientific software, the Guix Worflow Language, channels &
external package repos, the potluck, etc.

Hoping to see you there!


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