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Re: Emacs-Guix 0.3.1

From: Clément Lassieur
Subject: Re: Emacs-Guix 0.3.1
Date: Mon, 22 May 2017 10:51:19 +0200
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Fox <address@hidden> writes:

>   Alex Kost wrote:
>> if you don't like to read "info", Emacs-Guix manual is available
>> online now:
> html sure is better workable than the "info" format.

I prefer the 'info' format because:

- it makes it very easy to grep special characters (try to grep the pair
  syntax (a . b) in Google..., with info, just do: 's', then ' \. '),

- keyboard bindings (i, m...) are incredibly useful when you are looking
  for info on a general topic or keyword, e.g. G-exps in Guix, 'format'
  in Guile.

- it's offline.

> But then, some GNU documentation suffers from lack of ability to explain 
> things to folks who do NOT know it all already.
> case in point:
> if you expected to be told how to invoke an eshell, forget it.
> That whole manual is only useful if you ALREADY know that you need to 
> press ALT-x eshell RETURN and the menus (where in a real editor such a 
> function would be available) will let you down, so don't even bother to 
> search eamcs menus for "eshell". So instead of reading the GNU manual on 
> eshell you better do what you always do: google it and often times succeed.

Actually, the info you are looking for is in the Emacs manual

BTW if you don't know 'info', there is an 'info' manual that is very
helpful for people who do NOT know it all already:


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