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read-o-phobia and guile packages

From: Catonano
Subject: read-o-phobia and guile packages
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2017 11:23:59 +0200

I would like to write a guile module to wrap Freexl and then use my module to import data from a bunch of .xls[x] files into a postgresql db

II would like my guile module to be packaged in Guix of course

The problem is that I can't make a proper package of a  guile module containing also some C code 😕

I took a look at Paroneayea's guile-gcrypt and I don't understand very much of all that m4 macros kung fu

I think amz3 is having similarly a hard time in packaging his guile based wrap around the Wiredtiger C API

Just to give you an example, in this excerpt (from guile-gcrypt

dnl Prepare a version of $datadir that does not contain references to
dnl shell variables.  (Borrowed from Sly, which borrowed from Guix...)
guile_gcrypt_prefix="`eval echo $prefix | sed -e"s|NONE|/usr/local|g"`"
guile_gcrypt_datadir="`eval eval echo $datadir | sed -e "s|NONE|$guile_gcrypt_prefix|g"`"

What does "Prepare a version of $datadir that does not contain references to
shell variables." mean ?

I don't even understand the problem being stated here

And then I think we are substituting "/usr//local" withh NONE in the prefix

But why ?

Of course all the remaining is obscure to me and the same goes for and the contents of the "m4" folder

It would be useful to have a tutorial about how to do that

Or even some hints about what certain things mean, in there

Maybe using a different build system would be easier ?

Maybe WAF or Meson or any other ?
My (limited) experience is limited to Leiningen and Boot, on this

As for the read-o-fobia in the subect: please, don't suggest me to read the autotools manual. Please 😕

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