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wrapping freexl in guile

From: Catonano
Subject: wrapping freexl in guile
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2017 22:35:11 +0200

I copied guile-gcrypt

I changed all the occurrrences of "gcrypt" in "freexl" in all the relevant files

I created an env with

~/projects/guile-freexl$ guix environment -l ./guix.scm --ad-hoc guile freexl

I run configure and I got

checking for libfreexl-config... no
checking libfreexl's library directory...
checking for libfreexl shared library name... libfreexl
checking whether libfreexl can be dynamically loaded... no
configure: error: GNU libfreexl does not appear to be usable; see `--with-libfreexl-prefix' and `README'.

If I do the same in guile-gcrypt it builds successfully

Why ?

P.S. it's here
P.P.S I tried with both "libfreexl" AND "freexl"

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