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Re: I installed GuixSD on my laptop

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: I installed GuixSD on my laptop
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2017 21:53:56 +0200
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nee <address@hidden> skribis:

> 1. How do I set the locale in the login manager and Grub.
> I have a German keyboard, but the system boots with an english
> key-setting and only changes when I enter gnome or xfce (I had to set
> them up via their guis). Is there any GuixSD-level setting for this? The
> install manual didn't mention it.
> It's a real pain to enter my password like this.

As ng0 mentioned, we’ll have to move away from SLiM (the login manager)
to get proper i18n.

As for GRUB, it’s really a bug on our side that we should fix.  Please
report it to address@hidden so we don’t lose track of it.

> 3. When I enter one wrong password on the first disk-encryption-prompt
> (before grub) I get thrown into a grub console. It should give me a few
> more tries.

I agree; not sure why GRUB behaves this way nor whether this is

> 4. ibus is not working in xfce. I copied the paths from the popup of
> ibus-setup into my .bashrc, but even after login out, I couldn't get any
> program to actually use ibus. I also had no success in gnome later. I
> was trying to get Japanease input to work.

I think IBus was previously reported to work fine in GNOME; maybe 宋文武
or Ricardo can comment?  Otherwise it’s worth a bug report too.

> 6. My laptop has an Nvidia and an Intel graphics card, how do I force
> intel to be active?


> The Nouveau drivers can't do any 3d stuff at a bearable framerate,
> probably due to it's dependence on blobs.

Nouveau is free software and doesn’t rely on non-free firmware, AFAIK.

> I wonder if Intel would perform better. How would I switch between them
> on GuixSD?


> 7. I have this wifi stick:
> Is the driver already packaged for guixsd?

I think so, it’s an Atheros chip:

> * An unrelated story:
> I had to install GuixSD twice, because I forgot to punch "(dependencies
> mapped-devices)" into my file-system configuration.
> So shepard would not boot up properly and after some time I got a guile
> debug repl.
> I see that this is my own fault, for not reading the docs properly.
> I hope the new ncurses installer will help to prevent such mistakes.

Yeah, I agree that this API makes it too easy to shoot oneself in the

No idea about the touchpad.

Thanks for your feedback!


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