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Re: Kernel panic while building VM

From: Enrico Schwass
Subject: Re: Kernel panic while building VM
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 22:57:39 +0200


>>> Could you try again and report (1) what you did, (2) the
>>>> ‘operating-system’ configuration you used, and (3) the error messages
>>> you see and when you see them?
>>>> I will test the hardware with Guix 12 at the weekend
>>> Please stick to 0.13.0.  0.12.0 is relatively old, so you’ll find that
>>> many pre-built binaries are missing, not to mention many security fixes.
>> I use the lightweight-desktop.scm just changed user name and partition 
>> setup. Here are some screenshots
> It’s hard to tell much here.  Is this happening with 0.13.0?  One of the
> screenshots shows that Python was being built from source, which is
> suspicious.

I used the --fallback option due to network problems I had occasionally. I 
suspect my internal ethernet controller making problems so for testing I used 
an usb ethernet connector. For now everything is fine. This time installation 

BTW: I was not aware that Guix reboot is a scheme command. I did Ctrl-Alt-Del 
Booting with grub failed then ;)

Thank you for your help

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