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Using tramp with guixsd install image

From: Divan Santana
Subject: Using tramp with guixsd install image
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 22:15:00 +0200


Trying to use my emacs (on arch linux) with the guixsd system from the
0.13 image and ssh-daemon. By image, this is a fresh VM booted
guixsd-usb-install-0.13.0.x86_64-linux and about to install guixsd .

This Used to work with 0.12 image.

Now I have this set

  ;; ;; TRAMP and guix settings
  (setq tramp-default-method "scp")
  (setq tramp-remote-path
        (append tramp-remote-path
                '("~/.guix-profile/bin" "~/.guix-profile/sbin"

And I try open path:

However this results in "pid died" message. (Sometimes my emacs even

Anyway, after a bit of debugging there is a tramp buffer that pops up
briefly and reports

env /bin/sh no such file

If in the VM, I do a hack like

ln -s /run/current-system/profile/bin/sh /bin/sh

Then tramp works without issue.

How can one configure tramp to work without the above hack?

(sorry this is more of an emacs then guix question)


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