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Set GuixSD on Reiser4.

From: Dmitry Nikolaev
Subject: Set GuixSD on Reiser4.
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 23:35:42 +0300

Hi. I recently wrote package definition for Linux with Reiser4 patch.

(define (linux-nonfree-urls version)
  "Return a list of URLs for Linux-Nonfree VERSION."
  (list (string-append
         "linux-" version ".tar.xz")))

(define-public linux-reiser4
  (let* ((version "4.11.11"))
      (inherit linux-libre)
      (name "linux-reiser4")
      (version version)
      (source (origin
                (method url-fetch)
                (uri (linux-nonfree-urls version))
                (patches (list (computed-file "reiser4-for-4.11.0.patch"
                                              (let ((compressed (origin (method url-fetch)
                                                                        (uri "")
                                                                        (sha256 (base32 "1qc421bqassrxv7z5pzsnwsf9d5pz0azm96rykxh02xlrf8ig3hc")))))
                                                   (string-append #+(file-append gzip "/bin/gunzip")
                                                                  " < " #$compressed
                                                                  " > " #$output))))))))
      (synopsis "Linux with Reiser4 patch.")
      (description "Linux-Reiser4 is a kernel that supports Reiser4 FS.")
      (license gpl2)
      (home-page ""))))

Can I install GuixSD on Reiser4 with it? Will it work? Does GRUB or EFI loader in GuixSD repository supports Reiser4? Is mentioning reiser4 in config.scm enought?

 (file-systems (cons* (file-system
                       (device "root")
                       (title 'label)
                       (mount-point "/")
                       (type "reiser4")
                       (dependencies mapped-devices))

Dmitry Nikolaev

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