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Re: Enable modules in Linux configuration.

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Enable modules in Linux configuration.
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2017 18:11:05 +0000

Out of curiosity why would you want Reiser4?  I'm sure it's an ok 
filesystem, but it's just being maintain these days right?  Not really 

I feel like your life would be so much simplier if you just used ext4 or 

On 07/29/2017 03:33 PM, Dmitry Nikolaev wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> I'm trying to set up GuixSD on Reiser4 file system. I've succeeded 
> with patching and compiling Linux with Reiser4 patch, but I've found 
> that reiser4 module is disabled by default. Everything I did was 
> pointless 8-]
> How do I enable Reiser4 module in Linux configuration? As far as I 
> know I need to add "REISER4_FS=m" to .config after running "make 
> defconfig", but before "make".
> I've found an example of linux.scm with description how to build 
> linux-libre with additional modules
> But it looks too complex for me. Is there an easier way to enable 
> additional modules in Linux configuration? Shouldn't I use 
> "extra-options" in make-linux-libre function? How could I do that?
> One more question for GuixSD maintainers: will you add 
> linux-libre-reiser4, libaal and reiser4progs packages to main package 
> repository if I'll send you patches?
> Dmitry Nikolaev

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