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cuirass on debian

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: cuirass on debian
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 22:54:48 +0300
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I've been working on trying to get cuirass to run on debian and I've
been running into problems. I have "hello-subset.scm" and
"gnu-system.scm" from here¹, with guix-0.10.0 removed, and s/hello/core.
I've been running the following command from the CLI:

guix environment --ad-hoc cuirass -- cuirass \
    --specifications=build-subset.scm --database=cuirass.db \
    --cache-directory=/tmp/cuirass --one-shot

and I've been getting an error about %glibc-bootstrap-tarball:
ice-9/eval.scm:155:9: ice-9/eval.scm:155:9: In procedure struct_vtable: Wrong 
type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): #<procedure 
%glibc-bootstrap-tarball ()>
which looks related to build-aux/hydra/gnu-system.scm:117, where it is
(%glibc-bootstrap-tarball). I don't know why it's picking up that
gnu-system.scm and not my local one.

I did strace the building, but I haven't been able to make anything out
from it. (warning, ~25MB


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