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How to add a new driver as PPD-file to CUPS?

From: Mekeor Melire
Subject: How to add a new driver as PPD-file to CUPS?
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 18:00:24 +0200

I'd like to print on GuixSD. I'm using the cups-service in my system

How do I add a PPD-file driver for my printer? Do I have to create a
package for it?

What I tried so far:

    I downloaded a PPD file for my printer from I used
    CUPS' web-interface localhost:631 to add a printer and chose that
    PPD file as driver.

    When I tried to print now, it failed with these line in the

    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] 
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] File: <STDIN>
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] 
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] Filetype: PDF
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] Storing temporary files in 
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] PID 3541 
 exited with no errors.
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] sh: gs: command not found
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] Process is dying with \"Unable to 
determine number of pages, page count: -1
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] \", exit stat 3
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] Cleaning up...
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] PID 3543 
 exited with no errors.
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] PID 3542 
 stopped with status 3.
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] End of messages
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] printer-state=3(idle)
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] printer-state-message="Filter failed"
    D [27/Sep/2017:17:05:17 +0200] [Job 1] printer-state-reasons=none

    I'd guess the breaking part is "sh: gs: command not found". The
    reason for this probably is that the PPD-file contains this line:

        *FoomaticRIPCommandLine: "gs -q -dBATCH -dPARANOIDSAFER -dNOPAUSE -dNO&&

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