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Re: no passwd command during installation

From: Wayne DePrince Jr.
Subject: Re: no passwd command during installation
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2017 21:09:20 -0400

ahoy Marco

Il giorno mer, 01/11/2017 alle 21.58 +0100, Marco van Hulten ha scritto:

During the installation process of GuixSD 0.13.0, I'd like to login
from another system.  After setting up the network, I start the SSH
server through

    herd start ssh-daemon

as described on .

Then I want to set the root password.  The manual tells me to use
passwd, but Bash returns "command not found".  

i am seeing the same issue w/ the missing passwd command, however i did find it eventually in the install medium at


perhaps ssh-keygen can be found that way as well, just not in front of my GuixSD computer at the moment.

hope this helps.

peace, w


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