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Re: libvdpau: cannot open shared object

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: Re: libvdpau: cannot open shared object
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 16:04:16 +0100


Je 10 dec 14:30 skribis ng0:
> For what it's worth: I've been having crashes with Kodi
> for months now.

This is worth something: we can now share the pain :-)

> Now back on a new system (installed from
> my dev branch that is a couple of commits ahead of guix master)
> I get a Kodi that has no visible font characters (even with
> fonts installed in my profile, and rebooting + fc-cache -vf run)
> and an vdpau / nouveau error message on startup.

I am using the "intel" X11 module, so it does not appear to be related
to which video card one uses.

> Were you able to start Kodi before without issues?

About a month ago, I could start Kodi without issues, on the same
hardware on GuixSD 0.13.0.  When I then rolled back to the working
version, I could run kodi again.  After some more testing, rolling back
did not help anymore: kodi kept crashing.  I documented it in a thread
on this mailinglist about two weeks ago.

Yesterday I did a clean install of GuixSD 0.14.0.  Ludo' had pointed out
that reinstalling the system is not useful, but I tried anyway when
0.14.0 came out (partly because of the inconsistent roll-back
behaviour).  I think I still have the same problems (at least for the
VDPAU error).


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