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Openvpn and NetworkManager

From: Johannes Laute
Subject: Openvpn and NetworkManager
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2017 23:28:29 +0000


I'm trying to get openvpn and the NetworkManager plugin to work together but I am having some troubles.

I started with installing both packages, but the openvpn plugin specific menu options did not show up in the connection menu.

I read the documentation and noticed the "vpn-plugins" option in the network-manager service declaration, so I added the network-manager-openvpn service like this:

(modify-services %desktop-services
         (network-manager-service-type config =>
                                       (inherit config)
                                       (vpn-plugins (list network-manager-openvpn)))))))

After that, it now shows up and I can import openvpn connections (I noticed it added a NM_VPN_PLUGIN_DIR environment variable) but I cannot connect. When I click connect simply nothing happens, and the following log is emitted to /var/log/debug

Dec 23 23:09:49 localhost NetworkManager[345]: <info>  [1514070589.5044] audit: op="connection-activate" uuid="36c09127-ffc0-4d46-9547-06e0ea214a15" name="mullvad_de" pid=470 uid=1000 result="fail" reason="The VPN service 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn' was not installed.

I researched the error message and it seems common when people don't have plugin installed (obviously), but I also found this: which might be related.

I'm pretty new to guix and scheme so any help would be greatly appreciated


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