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Re: Why are those packages upgrade to the same version?

From: Fis Trivial
Subject: Re: Why are those packages upgrade to the same version?
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 16:57:08 +0000

> Well that's easy to explain, nothing changed if "nothing to be done" is 
> displayed.
> So if you have problems with the message, what kind of message do you think 
> would
> be easier to understand if no packages need to be updated?
> Maybe a little more in detail, like:
> "Your installed software packages are all up-to-date, no upgrades necessary.
> Nothing to be done."
Thanks for the reply. The problem I encountered is that guix shows a list of 
to be upgraded, but didn't upgrade them as it should.

I just found out that the problem was caused by missing packages definitions. I
installed a few software packaged myself using `guix package -f ...` but didn't
 add the recipes to GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH.

Then Guix failed to upgrade any other packages from official repo(and report 
upgrade list). After exporting GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, problem was resolved.
I should have thought of it earlier. But maybe this can be added to the doc?

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