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Re: Herd seemed to fail to stop the 'postgres' service

From: Clément Lassieur
Subject: Re: Herd seemed to fail to stop the 'postgres' service
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2018 16:33:48 +0100
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Jukka <address@hidden> writes:

> Someone on the IRC channel told me to post this here.
> But basically I've installed 'postgresql-service' in a system config, like 
> this:
>                   (postgresql-service
>                    #:config-file (local-file "../psql/postgresql.conf")
>                    #:data-directory "/data/psql"
>                    #:locale "en_US.utf8")
>                   %base-services)))
> I changed the contents of postgresql.conf (again), and re-ran "sudo guix 
> system reconfigure".
> Then I wanted to stop the postgres service, and I believe I ran: "sudo herd 
> stop postgres".
> The first time I did that, Herd told me it stopped postgres, but when called 
> again, this happens:
> ~$ sudo herd stop postgres
> herd: service 'postgres' could not be found
> (Why would the service "not be found", if it's installed?)

Hi Jukka,

This is a bug with the 'postgres' service: it does not stop.  I reported
it there:

Thank you,

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