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Re: qemu shared folder

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: qemu shared folder
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 23:15:07 -0800
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Catonano <address@hidden> writes:

> the script produced by system vm contains this bit:
> -m  256
> does this mean that the guest has 256 Mb ?

Yes.  The qemu manual describes this in more detail (section 2.3,

You might want to bookmark it or keep a local copy; it's a useful
reference manual.

> Can I pass a switch to system vm so that it concedes more memory to my
> guest ?
> Similar to "   --image-size=10GB " but for ram space rather than disk space

Yes, you can.  The Guix manual explains ((guix) Invoking guix system):

     Arguments given to the script are passed to QEMU as in the example
     below, which enables networking and requests 1 GiB of RAM for the
     emulated machine:

          $ /gnu/store/ -m 1024 -net user

> Ok, second observation:
> 2)
> if instead of system vm I use system vm-image,
> --share=$HOME/transit=/transit doesn't work
> So it seems
> Why ?
> Couldn't it work anyway ?

I don't think that will work.  I'm pretty sure that the --share option
is specific to "guix system".  What you probably want to do is look at
the options used in the /gnu/store/ script, and mimic what
it does.  If you see QEMU options in there that you don't understand,
try looking them up in the QEMU manual.

By the way, there is a "--share" option mentioned in the QEMU manual,
but it seems to be totally unrelated (section 2.7.10, "NBD access").

> Pheew ;-)

Hang in there!  QEMU is extremely versatile, but it's got a little bit
of a learning curve.  Beyond the reference manual, you can find even
more documentation here:

Hope that helped.  Good luck!


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