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How to make XQuartz/MacOS <--> IceCat/GuixSD fast?

From: George myglc2 Clemmer
Subject: How to make XQuartz/MacOS <--> IceCat/GuixSD fast?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 13:29:18 -0500
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I want to speed up IceCat on my GuixSD headless server. I am using
XQuartz/MacOS over 1000BaseT to reach a server with 3.4GHz Intel E3-1240
V3 CPU and SSD storage. ISTM this is about as fast as one can make a
headless server. But IceCat is unusably slow. So I wonder ...

Do you run IceCat remotely from a GuixSD desktop and get good
performance?  If so, please tell me about your setup.

Would Wayland make it faster?

Would an upgrade to a CPU w/GPU make it faster?

TIA - George

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