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Re: Guix and sel4

From: Paul Boddie
Subject: Re: Guix and sel4
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 22:17:54 +0100
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On Monday 15. January 2018 21.44.08 address@hidden wrote:
> It wasn't entirely what I was hoping for but thank You for answering. So
> to dig a little deeper how closely is guix connected to linux kernel?

Some people are using Guix with the Hurd, so maybe they can explain the 
relationship between Guix and things other than the Linux kernel.

I would guess that Guix shouldn't really care too much about the underlying 
system below a certain level, but then again I haven't looked into the details 
of the project that was mentioned involving Nix and Genode and why the Genode 
developers subsequently decided to do their own thing.

The L4Re (as opposed to Genode) sources contains package modules that are 
reminiscent of things in the source trees of distributions like OpenWrt and 
OpenEmbedded (if I remember the latter correctly), but I don't think there is 
any notion of installing these packages while running the system. Instead, 
they appear to be bundled in the payload deployed to a system, at least within 
the scope of my own experiments.

But package installation would mostly involve making files available in the 
filesystem that can then be accessed and executed, so I can imagine that with 
filesystem and program launching capabilities, you could have a package 
manager for L4Re. Maybe one already exists.

All this said, I'm obviously still learning about L4Re and associated 
technologies, so I should probably investigate further before saying anything 
else. ;-)


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