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Helm System Packages: New support for Guix

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Helm System Packages: New support for Guix
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2018 22:18:28 +0530
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[[][Helm System Packages]] is 
interface to your system package managers.


- Helm "live" search of all packages.
- Install / Uninstall a bunch of packages at once.
- Explore dependencies recursively from the same Helm buffer.
- Navigate the package files with Helm.
- TRAMP support (it should work over the network).

The overlap with guix.el is obvious, but I believe it makes the user
experience a little smoother when it comes to common tasks.

Besides Guix, it also supports portage, dpkg, pacman, xbps.  macOS brew
support is on its way.

It is possible to manage packages of remote systems via any protocol
supported by TRAMP!  Simply call ~helm-system-packages~ from a remote
buffer (a file, a shell, Dired...)  and you'll get the list of packages
of the remote system.

Because Helm System Packages caches as much as it can on your local system, the
interface will remain (mostly) snappy even over slow connections.

Don't hesitate to report any issues you might run into and drop a comment if
you'd like to see some extra functionalities implemented.

Pierre Neidhardt

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