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Installing GuixSD on an external USB hard drive

From: Divan Santana
Subject: Installing GuixSD on an external USB hard drive
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 20:04:12 +0200

Hi Guix,

So I'm installing GuixSD on an external USB hard drive.

This is obviously quite useful to test and setup all before you switch
to it. I plan to eventually install on laptop.

I could do it in a VM but...

Anyway, the install went flawless and docs are great.

*After a reboot*, I did a guix pull and system reconfigure.

(I did change the drive letter, since post reboot grub was on sdb, not c)

I got an error saying:

unknown location, you may need these modules in the initrd: uas
usb_storage .

It then pastes the snippet of code. Really cool and useful.

Though, bit confused why the install worked and rebooted, yet post
reboot I now require it?

Moving on, I add the snippet of code but it errors out with:

usb_storage module not found.

A find shows the module is in the 4.16 dir, named usb-storage.

Note - not _.

I thought perhaps that's the issue so I changed the code to specify mod
usb-storage (not _).

However I then get the orig error, that I should add usb_storage mod in

Suppose the question is why is usb_storage not found?

Any ideas?

(sorry for lack of exact messages, don't have remote access to system at mo)

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