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Re: Cannot send patch.

From: Fis Trivial
Subject: Re: Cannot send patch.
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 05:39:02 +0000

Chris Marusich writes:

> Fis Trivial <address@hidden> writes:
>> It seems that I can't send anything to the patch mailing list in recent
>> days. The last patch I sent is:
>> After that, I couldn't send mail to the list.
> I see an email from you a few days after that one:
> Are you still having this problem?
That two mails are sent in the same day, check the date embedded in the

I didn't try again lately. I will try to rebase the work on current
master branch and then send the patch again once I have the time.

>> I use mu4e and with outlook, both told me that I did send out the
>> mail, but the list doesn't display my mail and I didn't get any
>> acknowledgement.
> The Internet is a messy place.  Internet "weather" can impair systems in
> some places, but not in others, which might explain why you couldn't
> send email to the list, but others could.  Perhaps there was a problem
> delivering mail from hotmail to the debbugs instance?  I'm afraid I
> don't know much about how this is configured, though, so I probably
> can't help much.

Thanks for your time, at least I need to know it's not because I got
blocked by the list or any change in the list that I wasn't aware of.

It's weird. I'm guessing my mail is blocked during transmission due to
some words in the code or package description that was miss classfied as
spam. Anyway, I will try again once I got the time, maybe make the patch
as an attachment or even tar it.

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