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Re: Guix does not understand config.scm

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Guix does not understand config.scm
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:10:01 +0300
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Jone (2018-04-23 19:22 +0000) wrote:

> This is my new (and wrong) config:
>     56          (sudoers-file (local-file (config-file "/etc/sudoers")))

He-he, I recognize this :-)
I guess you took this line from my os config, anyway...

> Next I run 'guix system reconfigure new.scm':
>    new.scm:49:9: config-file: unbound variable
>    hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?

... this means that you did not define 'config-file'.

'config-file' is a simple function I use to return file names from my
"~/config" directory, i.e.:

  (config-file "/etc/sudoers")  returns  "/home/<me>/config/etc/sudoers"

So if you want to specify sudoers file, you can just use:

  (sudoers-file (local-file "/path/to/your/sudoers-file"))


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