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Blog team

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Blog team
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 10:25:04 +0200
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Hello Guix!

I’m really happy that over the last few months several people stepped up
to write articles for our blog at <> (look,
there’s a shiny new article there that’s worth reading!).

I always find it interesting to read about things that people do with
Guix or crazy experiments they start :-), and I think it’s useful info
for people who are just looking at Guix as it allows them to get a feel
of what it could do for them.

Anyway, I’ve just created a address@hidden alias, which is currently
just Ricardo and myself.  I’d like to encourage people who have a draft
for an article, and who’d like to discuss ideas for a future article to
post there (guix-devel is also fine, but sometimes you may want to not
disclose the article until it’s published.)

Likewise, people who’d like to be on this alias to review and comment on
articles (this should be a lightweight process), please let me know and
I’ll add you!  The more people, the more efficient this can be.


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