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Re: Simple reconfigure

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: Simple reconfigure
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 13:11:50 -0700
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Jone <address@hidden> writes:

> Don't refer to manual, please - it does not answer practical
> questions. Why do you think there are so few packages? - and no one
> knows how to build them! I tried, and of course I did not succeed. For
> example, when I write to elisp, I guess by context how and what I should
> do next. And a powerful contextual help system is also very helpful.
> I have many practical questions - I use this distribution on real
> hardware, as the main system. I like Lisp, but I'm just a user, not a
> hacker..

Inside every user is a hacker waiting to be set free!  ;-)

I hear what you're saying about the manual.  It does show examples for
many things, though.  In this case, what sort of example were you hoping
to find?  Maybe we can add or improve an example that would have helped
you (and others who might have the same questions).  Feedback like this
is very important, so thank you for taking the time to bring it up!

> About 'cons' and 'cons*' - okay, let's see in the manual. Examples,
> examples, examples, more examples! ;) That would be great.

There are lots of tutorials to Scheme on the internet.  The Guile manual
is pretty good at introducing concepts, but I have had to look elsewhere
to improve my understanding of some topics.  When in doubt, an Internet
search with "scheme" in the keyword list will probably turn up some
useful articles.

When I was starting out, I began by reading Structure and Interpretation
of Computer Programs, which is a very thoughtful introduction to scheme.
It's also an introduction to some fundamental concepts of computer
programming.  It's worth a try, if you're feeling curious.  Since it's
licensed under a free license, you can even find a copy of it in Guix!

  guix package -i sicp
  # View it with the stand-alone Info reader.
  info sicp
  # Or, view it in a web browser, like icecat.
  icecat $HOME/.guix-profile/share/doc/sicp/html/index.xhtml

I feel your pain, but hang in there!  It gets easier as you become more
familiar with Guix and with scheme.  Happy hacking!


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